Delivery of goods from India to Russia

Canavara Group renders services in delivery of cargoes from India to Russia via St. Petersburg with customs clearance at the Baltic and Pulkovo customs. Delivery of goods from India to Russia is executed by sea and by air within 40 - 45 and 7 - 10 days respectively. Customs clearance of cargoes arriving performed by staff experts of our company and takes no more than one day from the date of submission of the customs declaration.

Canavara Group will organize delivery of the following items from India to Russia: medicaments and medical products, industrial equipment, machinery, spare auto parts and accessories, ready-made garments and footwear, textiles, metals (ferrous and non-ferrous) and their products, organic and non-organic chemicals, materials and substances (including hazardous), electrical equipment and appliances. We have perfected logistics for shipments from Agra, Aleppo, Bangalore, Bombet, Goa, Delhi, Jaipur, Calcutta, Kovalam, Kumarakom, Marari, New Delhi, Periyar, and Poovar.

Our company carries out the delivery of goods from India to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, and other Russian regions. We deliver cargoes from India a ‘turnkey’ basis, receiving them from a consignor in a warehouse (from door - d) or at a container port terminals or container freight stations (container yard - cy) or on the docks of a port of loading (peer - p). The cargo is transferred to the consignee at the warehouse, in the port of arrival or at the container terminal (freight station).

Container delivery from India

Canavara Group has elaborated the following logistic schemes of international container delivery in India: d / d, d / cy, d / p, cy / d, cy / p, cy / cy, p / d, p / cy, p / p - depending on where the container is taken from the consignor and where the consignee receives it. Containers are transported from India by sea, from Chennai, Mundra, Navi Sheva, and Paypavava on vessels of ANL, APL, CMA CGM, HANJIN, HAPAG-LLOYD, HMM, K LINE, LIBRA, MISC, MOL, MSC, NYK, PIL , SCI, CSAV, CSAV NORASIA, EVERGREEN, HAMBURG SUD, OOCL, SWAN, and UASC.

Containers with cargo are transported from India to Hamburg (Germany), to Antwerp (Belgium) and to Rotterdam (the Netherlands) on ocean vessels of Panamax class and above. Depending on the required time of delivery, the goods are loaded on the vessels with different travel speed (from 21 to 25 or more knots). In the port of transshipment containers are loaded on feeders with the deadweight from 400 to 800 - 1200 TEU, which deliver the container to St. Petersburg within 5 - 6 days.

Consolidated cargoes from India are sent in multifunctional containers of DV, DC, and GP types (20-, 30-, 40-, 45-foot ones). If necessary, we will provide HT and HC containers (for heavy and bulky loads, respectively). Delivery of cargoes from India is carried out by our company by one of two possible technologies: with sequential filling of the container at the shipper's warehouse or loading it on the terminal port or the container freight stations (CFS).

Customs clearance of goods from India

Customs clearance of goods from India is carried out by our experts in a period of not more than one day from the date of submission of the declaration to the customs. Customs clearance of goods from India is performed at Baltic customs for import of goods by sea, at Pulkovo - by air, at the Pushkin Baltic customs post - if the goods are imported through the ports of the Baltic States or Finland, with following importation to Russia by trucks. When goods are delivered from India by air, customs clearance takes up to 1 - 2 days.

For cargo customs clearance from India, experts of Canavara Group will need information on the exact full name of the imported products (for classification purposes), and if possible - a detailed technical description and assembly manual for disassembled goods, their weight, the batch size and the number of packages.

Import from India to Russia

Canavara Group carries out cargo import from India to Russia under the client’s contract or the broker's contract. Our specialists will perform all necessary import work for delivery from India to Russia, including preparation of shipping and accompanying (bill of landing) export documentation. Goods collection from India is arranged by our agent (representative). He will perform withdrawal of goods from the warehouse of the consignor, will supply an empty container and a vehicle for loading, and will execute in-port forwarding in the port of departure.

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