Delivery of goods from Germany to Russia

  • registration of transport, export, and supporting documentation, including the Carnet TIR, CMR, EX-1 / EX A;
  • provision of a truck or a container to the point of loading within 24 hours after a shipment request;
  • intra-port forwarding and shipment of goods from the country's largest ports: Hamburg, Wismar, Kiel, Bremen, Bremerhaven, Lübeck, etc.;
  • delivery to the consignee's warehouse in Russia after the completion of customs clearance procedures.

Our company's specialists will calculate the time and cost of several alternative delivery options, they will suggest the best way of transportation.

Delivery of the following types of goods is organized from Germany:

  • parts and components for cars and trucks, transport machinery (trailers and semi-trailer);
  • clothing, footwear, food and other consumer goods (FMCG);
  • electronics, household appliances, bathroom equipment, decoration and building materials, furniture and other goods for the house;
  • industrial equipment, machinery, construction and home power tools (angle grinders, magnetic machines, grinders, etc.);
  • household chemicals, industrial chemicals (catalysts, inhibitors, etc., including dangerous goods).

Transportation of goods from Germany to Russia

Canavara Group organizes regular road and sea transportation of goods from Germany to St Petersburg. We offer air delivery to Pulkovo airport with customs clearance at the checkpoints of Pulkovo customs. Transportation of goods from Germany to Russia is carried out:

  • by sea - from the ports of Bremen, Bremerhaven, Wismar, Hamburg, and Lübeck within 5 - 7 days;
  • by road - from terminals in Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Dresden and Düsseldorf within 4 - 6 days (to St. Petersburg and Moscow)
  • by air - from airports in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hanover and others in the period of up to 4 days (including the time of cargo transportation to the airport of departure).

For container transportation from Germany, Canavara Group provides general purpose and specialized containers, 20-, 30-, 40- and 45-foot ones. 

Центры электронного декларирования

  • Балтийский ЦЭД
  • Владивостокский ЦЭД
  • Новороссийский ЦЭД
  • Северо-Западный ЦЭД
  • Тверской ЦЭД

Таможенные посты

Порт Бронка
т/п Южный
т/п Котлинский
т/п Василеостровкий
жд/ст Ховрино
жд/ст Ворсино
т/п Тверской
т/п Вышневолоцкий
Торговый порт
Восточый порт
порт Находка
т/п Юго-Восточный(НУТЭП)
т/п Западный(Лесной Порт)
Рыбный порт
т/п Центральный (Морской торговый порт)


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