Being a customs representative and logistics operator, Canavara Group company provides with the comprehensive service in the sphere of urgent, valuable, fragile or any other cargoes conscientious accelerated delivery by air. We can arrange through air transportation with customs clearance obtained in Moscow or Saint Petersburg as well as combined option via international airports Pulkovo, Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo, Helsinki-Vantaa (Finland) with further air transportation. Commercial cargoes delivered by air to the terminals in Moscow and Saint Petersburg are declared at the customs post of the airport whereas cargoes transported from Finland by road are declared at any suitable domestic customs post.

Estimated time of direct or combined air delivery depends on a number of factors including:

– addresser’s or recipient’s remoteness from any large international airport;

– cargo or cargo additional processing particular characteristics as well as cargo documents registration;

– the number of transit points on the route as well as connecting flights regularity.

As a rule, air transportation from Europe takes 2 to 3 days; from the countries of South-East Asia and Africa – 3 to 5 days; from the countries of North and Latin America – 4 to 7 days. On average, cargo customs clearance takes 1 to 2 days. In case thorough preliminary preparation is implemented customs clearance may be accomplished on the same day.

The following is included in the service of air cargo transportation:

·        booking the flight, air freight and terminal service payments;

·        receiving the cargo from the addresser, cargo check and control, additional processing if necessary – extra packing, palleting, specific or complex (composite) cargoes reconciliation, counting, weighing, control measurements;

·        cargo documents registration if necessary, goods and commodities delivery and placement in the cargo terminal;

·        transport and loading (shipping) as well as finance and accounting (settlement) documents registration;

·        loading and unloading arrangement in the departure and arrival terminals;

·        reciprocal payments with air transportation companies as well as airport services and organisations including temporary storage warehouses;

·        forwarding in the terminal of arrival;

·        documentation check, customs clearance of the cargo.


Important information mandatory for the correct cost calculation of air transportation:


·        the points of departure and destination;

·        the exact date of cargo to be ready for shipment as well as the required date of delivery;

·        total weight and batch quantity, number of packages as well as overall dimensions or the largest of them;

·        the type and sort of packing;

·        the name, description, characteristics and particularities of the cargo;

·        other information about the goods and commodities including special conditions and requirements for transportation.


The special features of international air transportation with Canavara Group

Taking into account the particularities of Pulkovo customs, Canavara Group has developed and implemented several alternative ways of cargo batches transported by air from abroad delivery:

·        goods and commodities arriving at Pulkovo airport declaring via Saint Petersburg Customs Electronic Declaration Centre;

·        air freight via Helsinki-Vantaa (Finland) or airports of the Baltic countries with further importation on the territory of the Russian Federation by road and customs clearance at the customs posts of Baltic, Saint Petersburg or Vyborg customs;

·        via airports of Western Europe (Hamburg, Bremen-Bremerhaven and others) with the following consolidation and transportation to the Russian Federation by road as part of combined cargo;

·        via airports of Moscow including terminal processing, customs clearance obtaining and further delivery to the point of final destination by air or by road.


We would like to remind cargo owners about the importance of documentation preparation and check in advance, which significantly accelerates customs clearance consequently contributing to reducing customs risks.

Canavara Group sales department specialists are waiting for your applications concerning international cargo transportation: sales@canavara-group.ru

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