“Canavara Group” implements regular multimodal and intermodal transportation from the countries of South East and East Asia (including China), North America, Europe to Russia via Saint Petersburg and Vladivostok. Several multimodal (combined) and intermodal transportation technologies were developed by “Canavara Group”.

The main delivery scheme is road – maritime multimodal transportation. “Canavara Group” specialists and their partners organise vehicle transportation from the addresser warehouse (including container transportation) to the port of departure. “Canavara Group” representative agent organises the loading and departure to Saint Petersburg or the transshipment port (Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp) or one of the Baltic or Finnish ports. The cargo is transported from the port of arrival by road.

Alternative railway - road – maritime multimodal transportation (using the railway for cargo shipment in the country of departure or transit) is also possible. These logistic schemes are implemented when delivering massive cargoes from the countries of South and West Europe via German ports (Lübeck, Bremen, Bremerhaven, Hamburg, Rostock et cetera).

When delivering cargoes from China and European countries “Canavara Group” specialists organise road – railway multimodal transportation using vehicles as bringing and delivering means of transport. Regular departures are implemented from China via Vladivostok, Zabaykalsk and via Kazakhstan from Xi'an.

“Canavara Group” developed the logistics of multimodal container transportation with delivery to any region of the Russian Federation. We use our partners’ (the largest ocean carriers – ZIM, Cosco, Fesco, Maersk, MSC, OOCL, CMA CGM and suchlike) containers. Universal 20-, 30-, 40-, 45-foot containers of GP, DC, DV, HT, HC, OT, FR, RC, suchlike types are used for loading.

“Canavara Group” is an international combined cargo transportation operator providing with the shipment unity and continuity on the delivery route. Our partners, representatives and agents work in the countries of Europe, North America (Canada, the USA), China, Asian countries, in the largest transshipment ports of Hamburg, Antwerp, Rotterdam.

“Canavara Group” implements international combined transportation mainly using intermodal technology including universal or specialised containers and removable bodies.

Types of intermodal technology

·       ferry crossings

·       container and package transportations

·       “river - sea” systems

·       roll-on/roll-off (“RORO”) systems

“Canavara Group” advantages:

·       Personal manager

·       No downtime in the port

·       Our own vehicles

“Canavara Group” sales department specialists are waiting for your requests to organise multimodal cargo transportation at sales@canavara-group.ru

Container cargo transportation

International container cargo transportation

“Canavara Group” implements international transportation of any type of cargo from the countries of South East Asia, North America, South America, Europe including such consumer goods as clothing, footwear, food, oversized cargo, dangerous substances and materials, special value products. We implement transportation by sea and by road. We use universal 20- and 40-foot containers with open or closed top. “Canavara Group” also uses refrigerators, platforms, cisterns, high cubes and other equipment.

The organisation of international container transportation is implemented “door to door”. “Canavara Group” possesses a broad network of agents ready to prepare all necessary documentation (CMR, Declarations Ex1/T1, Carnet TIR, Bill of Lading, packing lists et cetera) in the ports of departure. Depending on the container cargo destination the delivery can take from 3 (the Baltic countries, Finland, Poland) up to 60 days (South East countries). The transportation route is via Ust-Luga. Customs clearance generally takes 1 or 2 days.

The cargo departure takes place from the biggest ports worldwide including Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hamburg, Antwerp and many others. Multimodal container transportation transshipment is implemented in European ports – hubs of Hamburg, Bremen (Germany), Amsterdam, Rotterdam (Holland), Antwerp (Belgium). Vessels with deadweight of up to 18,000 TEUs, feeders and ferries are used for international container transportation. When shipping by road we use tents and container platforms.

The general international container transportation scheme is the following: cargo is delivered to consolidation warehouses situated in the largest ports of the world or container freight stations (CFS); after documentation procedures are finished the departure to the transshipment port is implemented by ship (Antwerp, Hamburg, Amsterdam as a rule). Then cargo transshipment to the feeder line vessels or vehicles (container platforms or tilts) takes place. Transshipment time varies from 3 up to 7 days depending on the port congestion.

Container transportation is implemented for any type of cargo including industrial equipment, machine-tools, cars, spare parts and components, electrical engineering equipment, fabrics, yarn, perishable commodities et cetera. “Canavara Group” arranges oversized or heavy cargo as well as dangerous materials and hazardous substances (ADR, ICAO, RID, IMDR) transportation.

“Canavara Group” collaborates with the largest ocean carriers and has a broad network of agents in big foreign ports and ports of transshipment able to arrange documentation procedures depending on the departure place and control loading operations quickly and efficiently. Consolidation warehouses provide with absolute cargo safety while the whole procedure.

“Canavara Group” offers to order a container for cargo transportation on favourable terms. Combined and general cargo departure is implemented on International commercial terms (Incoterms, EXW, FOB, so on). After customs clearance at Russian customs posts the cargo can be delivered to any place if the Russian Federation.

Automobile container transportation

“Canavara Group” implements regular cargo transportation by road. The company possesses its own and involved vehicles. We always have 20-, 30- and 40-foot containers with open and closed top, open side wall as well as DV, DC, HT, RC and others for transportation.

Maritime container shipping with further transportation by road from the ports of Hamburg, Antwerp, Tallinn, Kotka, Riga, Klaipeda is available. After transshipment the container is set onto the container platform or transported under the awning. Vehicle is delivered in several hours depending on the place where the cargo is situated. Furthermore, our specialists will organise transit transportation via European countries providing with any accompanying documentation needed (Carnet TIR, packing lists, CMR, AREX declaration for empty container return et cetera).

“Canavara Group” deals with any type of cargo including cars, spare parts and components, business and industrial equipment, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals as well as perishable commodities demanding special storage and transportation conditions. Moreover, we deliver special cargo including oversized, heavy, project and dangerous materials and substances.

Container transportation by road implemented by “Canavara Group” is a reliable and fast way of cargo delivery from any European port to any place of the Russian Federation. The main advantage of vehicle transportation is its mobility and high velocity especially when delivered to the remote regions of Russia. Besides, its extra advantage is total independence from the line timetables, “tracker” monitoring possibility using modern systems of navigation and immediate reaction to any slightest deviations or emergency situations.

In addition to container transportation “Canavara Group” clients are also interested in:

  • Multimodal transportation
  • Customs clearance service
  • Warehousing services

“Canavara Group” specialists will help to organise international and domestic container transportation as soon as possible.

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