Container delivery of cargoes

Canavara Group company provides with the service in the sphere of international cargo delivery using container transportation and combined schemes of shipment.

Container delivery of cargoes

* Container types and their functions

* Container equipment usage

* Additional service

Being a logistics operator, Canavara Group develops the schemes of international cargo multimodal transportation in universal or specialised containers and implements these schemes successfully. We arrange international container delivery of cargoes in general or combined batches using different means of transportation, by sea, railway and road combining them in the most convenient way.

Container types and their functions

Every cargo owner has enough knowledge about containers as about big metal boxes which function is to carry different cargoes for long distances in a safe way using several means of transportation.

A universal sea container as known by its shape and size nowadays was developed in the 1950-s by an American businessman Malcom Purcell McLean. Several attempts to use unified large packaging in order to accelerate transportation had been already previously made but without any significant success. However, partly due to sheer luck, it was American M. McLean who was able to start a whole new era of container transportation. Moreover, that was McLean’s idea to standardise the size and castings as well as the development of container ships and vehicular container platform.

Modern containers are of several types and sizes as well as of different structure depending on their usage. Speaking in the terms of size there are 20-foot, 40-foot and 45-foot units.

The equivalent of the cargo space calculation is the length of a standard 20-foot container – TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit).

Following its size and using the separator «’», the container type and its special features are indicated:

* DC (dry container), DV (dry van), GP (general purpose) are the types of container equipment for standard cargoes in consumer or transport package, and bulk cargoes using special inserts.

* OT (open top) is a container with the open top and a special cover instead of it.

* HT (hard top) is a container with the removable hard top.

‘OT and ‘HT equipment is used for non-standard size and height cargoes transportation or for the type of cargo which is difficult to place in the container in an ordinary way through the door.

* FR, PL is a container without the top and without the sidewalls or without the walls at all used for oversized and heavy cargoes transportation.

* ST is a standard container with the nominal volume of 20’ST (33,9 cbm) or 40’ST (67,7 cbm).

* HC, HQ is a container of increased capacity higher than the standard one with the useful volume of 40’HC = 76,4 cbm.

* RF is a refrigerator container with the thermal installation.

* RQ=RF+HQ is a refrigerator container with increased capacity.

Refrigerated containers are developed for perishable goods and temperature controlled cargoes of a limited expiration date and special storage conditions transportation. The refrigeration equipment preserving necessary temperature regime inside the thermos needs the power source when in use, on the vessel, in the port terminal, vehicular means of transport or special railway platform.

* HT is a container of 20’ increased carrying capacity.

* UP is a container of increased durability.

* TC is a tanker (tank container) consisting of a specialised tank with the container lathing and castings which is implemented for fluid (including dangerous and temperature-sensitive) cargoes transportation. Tank containers with thermal installation need connection to the external power source.

Container equipment usage

Being a transport and logistics company, “Canavara Group” has had a long-term collaboration with universal and specialised container equipment owners and the worldwide net of partners providing with the direct contracts with marine liner operators, JSC RZhD (JSC Russian Railways), vehicular transportation companies and port terminals in Saint Petersburg, Ust-Luga, Vyborg, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok, Vostochny. We arrange raw materials and manufactured goods container shipment by sea and by railway including the full range of related logistics activities:

* We will assist to receive the equipment necessary for transportation owned by a line, railway or a third-party non-standard equipment owner;

* We will organise delivery for loading and to the port or railway station;

* We will coordinate the terminal and, further, vessel or platform placement including additional permissions, casting schemes and other mandatory terms;

* We will provide with marine transportation and unloading in the port of destination as well as railway transportation;

* We will implement reciprocal payments including subcontractors and the third parties;

* We will provide with proper placement and storage during the time needed including electro power connection;

* We will implement vehicular transport transshipment, export from the terminal and delivery to the point of destination or repacking;

* We will return the empty equipment to the owner.

In addition, we will coordinate the free time of equipment usage needed after unloading with the owner taking into account distances and estimated time for further transportation by land as well as the convenient way of returning empty containers to the port or nearest terminal (in stock) in order to provide other FEA participants with export loading.

If necessary, Canavara Group specialists will provide with the transport for dangerous cargoes transshipment using the direct “vessel-to-vehicle” option without any port placement in case the terminal does not possess mandatory permission for some certain classes of dangerous goods storage.

Canavara Group company has long-term partner relationships with the storage territories and warehouse owners in the port cities of the Russian Federation as well as in foreign countries including those specialising in work with chemicals and temperature controlled goods.

Due to well-established relations Canavara Group provides with the additional possibilities of loaded containers and cargoes placement, transshipment, extra processing and reliable storage in those cases when terminal storage or further container transportation is too expensive and unprofitable economically.

Additional service

Based on the Certificate of Incorporation in Register of Customs Representatives (Russian Federal Customs Service), Canavara Group company provides with the service in the sphere of customs clearance of the cargoes crossing the Eurasian Economic Union customs borders. We will assist with customs clearance of imported, exported, temporary imported or exported or consigned for further processing cargoes placed in the containers as well as implement transportation following the procedure of international customs transit.

Using our well-developed channels, Canavara Group is ready to organise container cargo railway or vehicular transportation from the countries of South East Asia, Africa, North and South America to the Russian Federation via Baltic or Finnish transit hubs. Besides, Canavara Group specialists will arrange terminal and transport forwarding and help with all customs formalities compliance in the process of the Eurasian Economic Union borders crossing and cargo legalisation at the domestic customs post.

Furthermore, being an experienced operator, Canavara Group company offers complex service in the sphere of container cargoes delivery “on a turn-key basis” or “door-to-door” in a “single window” mode.

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