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The types of transportations

International freight

Canavara Group renders services in organization and carrying international freight from the countries of Western and Central Europe, South, Southeast and East Asia, North and South America and other regions. International transportation is carried out under developed logistic schemes. Approximate transit delivery time:

  • from the countries of Southeast Asia - up to 32 - 45 days;
  • from the countries of North and South America - up to 12 - 25 days;
  • Western European countries - up to 3 - 12 days.

Experts of Canavara Group will hold a free consultation on the organization and execution of international freight, will talk about the features of conducting foreign trade activities in different countries of the world, will help select the optimal route of delivery and acceptable supply conditions by Incoterms. Our company carries out regular international carriage of goods by road, air, sea, and rail.

For the organization of international transportation experts of Canavara Group carry out the following work:

  • execution of the transport and transit documentation (a Packing List, a transit declaration T-1, Carnet TIR, bills of lading, shipping orders, etc.);
  • control over the preparation of consignment notes, accompanying and commercial documentation (CMR, invoices, export declarations EX-1 / EX A, etc.);
  • organization of a vehicle supply to the consignor’s warehouse within 2 - 4 days after treatment, supplying 20-, 30-, 40-, 45-foot empty containers;
  • selection of the mode of delivery (sea, road, air, rail) and the freight route calculation;
  • port forwarding in St. Petersburg and ports of departure and transshipment;
  • customs clearance at the posts of Baltic, St. Petersburg, and Pulkovo customs.

Our company transport multimodal (mixed) international freight through St. Petersburg, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Kotka, Helsinki, Turku, Riga, Klaipeda, and Tallinn.

You can order international cargo transportation by calling the telephone number indicated on the website or leaving a request through our feedback form. A preliminary calculation of costs and delivery time will be provided within 1 - 2 days. The minimum information about your cargo, which is necessary to provide:

  • the exact name (for HS classification);
  • the gross / net weight and volume of the batch;
  • the place and time of departure, place of delivery;
  • your other wishes and requirements (according to the method of delivery and the required delivery time).