Delivery of goods from Vietnam to Russia

Canavara Group renders services in delivery of cargoes from Vietnam to Russia via St. Petersburg including customs clearance at the posts of Baltic Customs. We can organize import to Russia via the Baltic ports (Riga, Klaipeda, Tallinn) or Finland (Kotka, Helsinki) with customs clearance at the Pushkin Baltic customs post. We deliver goods from Vietnam "door to door", providing empty containers to the supplier’s warehouse (or to the factory) in the country of dispatch and delivering cargo to the consignee's warehouse in any region of Russia.

Canavara Group will organize delivery of the following cargoes from Vietnam to Russia: clothing, footwear, textiles, fabrics, electrical equipment, household appliances, electronics, mobile phones and communications equipment, auto spare parts, and accessories. We have elaborated logistics of shipments from Vung Tau, Da Nang, Dong Dan, Nha Trang, Phan Thet, Hanoi, Hoi An, and Ho Chi Minh City.

Delivery of goods from Vietnam takes 45 - 55 days, taking into account the time of dispatch (supply of an empty container to the warehouse of the consignor, collection of small-lot shipments, loading them into a container at the warehouses of the consignor or a consolidation warehouse at a port terminal), transportation, transshipment in Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp, and feeder cargo in the Baltic sea and customs clearance in St. Petersburg.

Sea transportation of cargo from Vietnam

Our company executes regular transportation of goods by sea from Vietnam, shipping from Ho Chi Minh and sending to Hamburg, Antwerp or Rotterdam with transshipment there to feeders and delivery to St. Petersburg by the Baltic Sea. The list of services for sending goods from Vietnam include preparation of transport and accompanying documents, forwarding in the ports of departure, transit and arrival. If necessary, we correct a cargo manifest and bills of lading.

Our partners and agents sending cargo from Vietnam on ships of APL, CMA CGM, COSCO, CSAV NORASIA, EVERGREEN, HANJIN, HMM, K LINE, LIBRA, MISC, MOL, MSC, NYK, OOCL, PIL, and ZIM. Container and truck supply to the warehouse of the consignor is carried out within 2 - 4 days from the date of receipt of the shipment request. In order to send a cargo from Vietnam experts of Canavara Group will need the following information: the exact name of the cargo, its volume, weight, special conditions for storage and transportation.

Our company can deliver containers of DV, DC and GP types with consumer and industrial goods that do not require special conditions of carriage of goods, of RC type - for perishable and refrigerated products, of HT and FR types - for heavy machinery, equipment or metal, of TC type - for liquid bulk, of OT and HC type - for bulky loads.

Container shipments from Vietnam

Canavara Group arranges regular LCL / FCL container shipments from Vietnam to Russia. Our company has direct agent and correspondent contracts with local carriers, owners of warehouses, with container freight stations (CFS) and stevedores. There are 20-, 30-, 40-, 45-, 48-foot containers from sea and ocean lines at the disposal of our company, their demurrage and detention for delivery in Russia is not less than 21 days.

Delivery from Vietnam to Russia is carried out by local agents of our company, familiar with the specifics of Vietnamese enterprises (suppliers) and the national legislation. Customs clearance of goods from Vietnam is conducted under the customer’s contract or our contract (brokerage contract) within a period of no more than one day from the date of cargo declaration submission to the customs.

Canavara Group has elaborated the logistics of cargo transportation from Vietnam to the Russian Federation: including services on customs clearance of export, packaging, labeling, containerization of shipments, shipping and supporting documentation. Consolidated cargoes from Vietnam are delivered in multifunctional containers of DV, DC, and GP types.

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