Delivery of goods from the UK to Russia

Canavara Group renders services in organization of cargo delivery from the UK to Russia by road and sea. It is possible to organize express delivery by air. Transportation of goods from the United Kingdom is carried out on a "turnkey" basis with customs clearance at the posts of Baltic, St. Petersburg and Pulkovo customs in St. Petersburg. Total delivery time is from 8 - 9 to 12 - 15 days (by air it takes 1 - 2 days as express delivery and up to 5 - 7 days as a part of an urgent shipment).

Canavara Group will organize delivery of all types of cargo from the UK to Russia:

  • • machines and equipment (commercial, industrial, agricultural), vehicles, auto parts and their components;
  • • products made of metal, wood, pulp and paper;
  • • clothing, footwear, textile products;
  • • medicines, vaccines, medical preparations and means;
  • • perfumery and cosmetics;
  • • special equipment (bulldozers, loaders, excavators, etc.);
  • • detergents and other household chemicals;
  • • turbojet and turboprop engines;
  • • elements of computers;
  • • catalysts, inhibitors, and other industrial chemicals;
  • • centrifuges, filtration devices, medical equipment;
  • • rolled steel;
  • • means of communications, telephone sets.

Our company will provide 20-, 30-, 40-, 45-foot multifunctional and specialized containers of GP, HT, HC, FR, OT, DV, DC types, etc. for the delivery of goods from Britain. Specialists of the company have developed the logistics of the cargo delivery from England to Russia by sea (using the Short Sea technology for shipments of large batches starting from several containers), on ferries, and by road (with entry to the mainland through a tunnel under the English Channel).

It is possible to organize delivery of goods from England to the CIS countries: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. Our company has well-established delivery service for cargo from England, including for natural persons.

Delivery of cargo from the United Kingdom in St. Petersburg

Canavara Group will organize the delivery of cargo from the United Kingdom to St. Petersburg by sea, ferries (via Germany) or by road. The transit time of delivery is 7 days by sea and 9 days by road (with one driver, with two - 5 - 6 days). Customs clearance of arriving cargoes is conducted at St. Petersburg or Baltic customs and takes no more than 1 - 2 days from the date of submission of the declaration to the customs. If the goods have arrived by air, customs clearance is carried out at Pulkovo customs posts.

Delivery of goods from England to Moscow

Delivery of goods from England to Moscow using transportation by sea is carried out through St. Petersburg and the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia); import by road goes across the territory of France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, and Belarus. The transit time of delivery is 8 - 12 days.

Road transportation from the UK

Canavara Group performs regular trucking from the UK in curtain-siders, vans, trucks, containers (under a cover or on the container platform), on "barges", on trailers and bolster semi-trailers and other types of transport. The freight is organized by land route (through the tunnel under the English Channel) or on ferries (via ferry ports in Germany, Denmark, and France).

Ferry transportation from the UK

Transportation from the UK by ferry allows to achieve significant time savings compared to land routes, ferries provide predictability of delivery dates (since the ferries operate on schedule). International freight from the UK is carried from Portsmouth to Caen, Cherbourg, Le Havre, Saint-Malo, from Dover to Calais, Dunkerque, from Newhaven to Dieppe, from Newcastle to Amsterdam from Harwich to the Hook of Holland, from Hull to Zeebrugge and by some other routes.

Next, the truck under its own power or the container on the transport of a French, Belgian, Dutch or German carrier is sent to the port of Lubeck (Germany) and from there it is sent by ferry to St. Petersburg. It is possible to organize international shipping from the UK using both ferry and road transportation: a ferry is sent to one of the ports of France or the Benelux and then the goods are transported to Russia by road.

Sea freight from Britain in St. Petersburg

Canavara Group has developed a technology of sea transportation from the UK to Russia within the framework of Short Sea system. Delivery of goods by sea from England is made on vessels of sea and feeder lines, sending from Felixstowe, Kingston upon Hull, Southampton, and Tilbury ports. Our company cooperates with the largest lines serving routes to St. Petersburg in the North and Baltic Seas.

Our company is ready to carry the goods from the UK to St Petersburg by ferry, by sea, by road, and by air, in any way which is more convenient and profitable to the client. Thus, maritime transport is used for large volume shipments from the UK, ferry transportation - for 1 container or a vehicle, road transportation - for consolidated cargo and small-size shipments, air transport - for express shipments of small and medium size. Small size cargoes from 300 kg are transported in cargo or cargo-passenger aircraft, and medium size cargoes, including oversized in length and high, are shipped by cargo flights only.

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