Delivery of goods from Holland to Russia

Canavara Group renders services in cargo delivery from Holland to Russia importing through St. Petersburg and conducting customs clearance here (at the posts of Baltic, St. Petersburg and Pulkovo customs, whereas excise goods - at the NWACP CEC). We also offer temporary storage and/or safe storage. Delivery of goods from Holland to Russia is executed on a "turnkey" basis, we solve all problems of transportation, customs clearance, certification, obtaining permits for cargo import, storage in Russia and abroad.

The transit time of cargo delivery from the Netherlands to St. Petersburg is up to 6 - 9 days by sea and 4 days by road (with two drivers). The average transit time of trucking from Rotterdam to Moscow is 9 - 12 days. Canavara Group will perform delivery of the following types of goods from Holland to Russia:

  • automobiles, industrial, commercial, refrigerating, and other types of equipment, also second hand one (including receiving price opinion in The Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation);
  • chemical products, including hazardous cargoes and cargoes requiring special temperature;
  • vegetable origin (including flowers) and animal origin cargoes (oil, fats, food);
  • raw materials for the production of mineral fertilizers and ready inorganic fertilizers;
  • all types of transit cargo to Russia from the countries of North and South America, South-East and East Asia, South West Europe with transshipment in Amsterdam or Rotterdam.

Delivery from the Netherlands to Russia is arranged by transport of Russian and Dutch carriers, and also Polish, Belarussian, and Baltic carriers if they have relevant ECMT permits. Canavara Group is ready to perform delivery from Holland, taking the goods from the warehouse of the consignor and unloading at the warehouse of the recipient.

Cargo delivery from Holland to St. Petersburg

Our company has elaborated a number of alternative logistic schemes for cargo delivery from Holland to St. Petersburg by sea, by ferries and by road. It is also possible to send goods by air (practiced in respect of valuable and perishable goods such as flowers) and by rail (bulk goods, such as construction materials, transported regularly as a transit cargo through the ports of the Netherlands).

Shipping from Holland to St. Petersburg by road is organized in multifunctional and specialized vehicles: Mega Trailers, Jumbos, curtain-siders, trucks, road-trains, etc. In order to deliver goods from the Netherlands to St. Petersburg specialists of Canavara Group will obtain necessary transport and accompanying documents: TIR, CMR, T-1, EX-1 / EX A, directly in the Netherlands (if the transport belongs to a Russian or a Dutch carrier) or in the country of registration of the carrier (if delivery is made by the involved transport carrier of a third country).

International marine transportation from Holland to St. Petersburg is carried out on the sea and feeder vessels and by ferries. Ferry services are utilized for cargo delivery from the United Kingdom via the Netherlands (from Newcastle, Harwich, and Hull to Amsterdam, Hook of Holland and Rotterdam, respectively), and then the cargo is sent to Lübeck by car or by train (including the piggyback mode) where from it is sent to Russia by ferry. A cargo is transported from Holland to St. Petersburg by sea on ships of sea and feeder lines using the Short Sea technology from ports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Cargo is transported by air from Holland to St. Petersburg only in case of perishable or valuable products shipments of relatively small batches. Canavara Group can transport goods from Holland to St. Petersburg by air within 3 - 7 days, depending on the time for initial-end operations (delivery of the batch to an airport terminal, waiting for the departure, consolidation of the shipment).

Goods are transported from Holland to St. Petersburg by sea regardless of the destination region in Russia. Dutch cargo is sent by road from the Big Port of St. Petersburg on vehicles of Russian carriers. It can be sent in international shipping containers (demurrage is up to 21 days or more).

International freight from the Netherlands to Moscow

International transportation from Holland to Moscow is arranged by sea (via St. Petersburg with customs clearance there at Baltic customs posts), by road and by rail. Transportation from Holland to Moscow for urgent and perishable goods is organized by air transport. Trucking route passes through the territory of Germany, Poland, and Belarus.

Special aspects of freight from Holland to Russia

Canavara Group makes regular shipments to Russia from Holland. A special aspect of this kind of transportation is a large share of transit traffic: Rotterdam is the largest port of transshipment in Western Europe. Thus, international trucking of flowers and vegetables from Holland to Russia is often the final stage of transportation; the flowers are imported from Central and South America, and Africa.

International deliveries from Holland to Russia by road follow the route passing through the territory of several countries, what requires preparation of transit documents: Carnet TIR and T-1. It should be considered that there is a small number of container platforms operating on the route from the Netherlands to Russia, and their rent is quite expensive, thus containers are often delivered by curtain-siders or covered trucks.

Experts of Canavara Group will request the following information about your cargo for delivery from the Netherlands to Russia: the cargo location, its volume / weight, its precise name, and destination. Transportation of goods from Holland to Russia takes up to 12 - 15 days, depending on the time for consolidation, preparation of supporting, transport and transit documentation.

Dispatches from the Netherlands to Russia are organized from terminals and warehouses of Canavara Group partners. They will address the issues concerning customs clearance of export cargo. Transportation in Holland to the dispatch terminal for delivery to Russia is executed by Dutch transport companies.

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