Delivery from Iceland to Russia

Canavara Group renders services in delivery of cargoes from Iceland to Russia by sea in a period of 12 - 18 days. Goods are delivered from Iceland by air, sending from Reykjavik to Saint Petersburg (and customs clearance at Pulkovo customs) or to Helsinki and subsequent importation by road to the Russian Federation (and customs clearance at the customs post of Pushkin Baltic Customs).

Canavara Group renders services in delivery of the following types of goods from Iceland:

  • aluminum products (including all types of rolled products: sheets, fittings, etc.);
  • construction materials;
  • electrical equipment (manual and stationary);
  • furniture, clothing, shoes and other articles of wood and textile.

Sea transportation from Iceland to Russia

Our company arranges regular maritime transportation from Iceland on vessels of sea and feeder lines, in 20-, 30-, 40-, 45-foot containers. Shipments are sent to German ports or the Benelux ports (Antwerp, Rotterdam, Hamburg) and then transported to the Russian Federation. The transit time of delivery from Reykjavik to Hamburg is 5 - 6 days, where the transshipment takes place (3 - 7 days) and then, the cargo is shipped to St. Petersburg and Ust-Luga (shipping time is 5 - 6 days).

Air freight from Iceland

Canavara Group arranges airfreight from Iceland to Russia in the mode of express delivery (in 1 - 2 days after the shipment request), or urgent delivery (in 3 - 7 days, depending on the time of the initial-end operations: batching, preparation of supporting and transport documents, etc.). Transportation of goods by air is arranged, as a rule, on passenger-cargo flights.

Центры электронного декларирования

  • Балтийский ЦЭД
  • Владивостокский ЦЭД
  • Новороссийский ЦЭД
  • Северо-Западный ЦЭД
  • Тверской ЦЭД

Таможенные посты

Порт Бронка
т/п Южный
т/п Котлинский
т/п Василеостровкий
жд/ст Ховрино
жд/ст Ворсино
т/п Тверской
т/п Вышневолоцкий
Торговый порт
Восточый порт
порт Находка
т/п Юго-Восточный(НУТЭП)
т/п Западный(Лесной Порт)
Рыбный порт
т/п Центральный (Морской торговый порт)


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