Delivery of goods from Canada to Russia

Canavara Group renders services in the organization of cargo delivery from Canada to Russia by sea and air. Delivery of goods from Canada is carried out in a period of 20 - 35 days (express delivery). Import is arranged through St. Petersburg, customs clearance at Pulkovo, Baltic Customs, NWACP CEC (excisable products). Our company provides a full range of related services: certification and (or) declaration of conformity for the arrived goods, organization of storage and consolidation at warehouses, consignment and temporary storage warehouses.

Canavara Group will organize delivery of the following types of cargo from Canada to Russia:

  • auto components and units, spare parts and accessories for cars and trucks;
  • attachable equipment for agricultural machinery, tractors, combines, etc. special equipment;
  • chemical products (household and industrial chemicals, including hazardous materials and substances);
  • wooden products, pulp and paper products.

Our company has an extensive network of representatives and agents in Montreal, Toronto, Ontario, Quebec, Labrador, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, British Columbia, Alberta, Calgary, and Edmonton.

Delivery of cargoes from Canada to St. Petersburg

Canavara Group will deliver cargo from Canada to St. Petersburg by sea (with transshipment in ports of the Benelux countries and Germany - Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg). We send cargo from Canada from consolidation warehouses of our partners in Montreal, Halifax, Montreal, Saint John, etc. Delivery of cargoes from Canada to St. Petersburg takes up to 7 - 10 days by air (taking into account the time of the initial-final operations such as registration of the cargo documents, batching) and up to 35 days by sea.

Consolidated cargo is delivered from Canada in 20-, 30-, 40-, 45-foot multifunctional container (such as GP, HT, HC, DV or DC) by means of sea (ocean) lines with demurrage for transportation in Russia from 21 days. Delivery of cargoes by sea from Canada has a feeder nature: transshipment is carried out, as a rule, in Hamburg sending then to Russia by feeder line (in St. Petersburg) or by car - on a container platform or under a cover (to Moscow and regions of the Central Federal District).

Air delivery from Canada

Canavara-Group provides regular air cargo transportation of small-lot shipments, packages, consolidated shipments, urgent and valuable cargo from Canada. We provide both express (within no more than 1 - 2 days after request) and special delivery (within 7 - 10 days). Delivery is carried out by regular cargo flights and cargo-passenger flights from Canada to St. Petersburg or to Helsinki (then the cargo is imported to Russia by road and the customs clearance is arranged at Pushkin Baltic Customs post) or to Benelux airports or Germany (by air alliances; delivery to Russia - by road).

Sea freight from Canada

Delivery by sea from Canada to Russia is arranged by feeders: sending from Halifax and Montreal ports to Hamburg (Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam) on vessel of ocean lines, with handling in the port of transshipment to a feeder (total time of transshipment works is 7 - 10 days) and delivery to the Russian Federation (5 - 6 days). Our company carries out regular maritime transportation from Canada and we are ready to provide a container for loading within 24 - 72 hours from the moment of the shipment request.

Sea freight from Canada to Russia is carried on the vessels of such lines as the CMA CGM, CSAV, K-Line, MSC, Maersk, PIL, ZIM, OOCL and etc. The total delivery time from Canada to the port of St. Petersburg is 20 - 25 days for general cargo and 30 - 35 days for the consolidated cargo.

Our company has elaborated several routes of shipping from Canada: delivery to Hamburg and shipment to Russian ports by the Baltic Sea (to Ust-Luga and St. Petersburg), to the Baltic ports: Riga, Klaipeda, Tallinn or Finnish ports: Kotka, Helsinki, with cargo import to the Russian Federation by road.

Sea freight from Canada to St. Petersburg takes 25 - 35 days, to Ust-Luga - up to 23 - 34, to Finland / Baltic ports - up to 21 – 32 days. Customs clearance of goods arriving in St. Petersburg conducted by the experts of our company at the posts of Baltic customs importing through Finland, and at Pushkin Baltic customs importing from Baltic countries. Our company prepares all required shipping documents for delivery from Canada to St. Petersburg, if necessary, we will organize cargo insurance.

Container shipments from Canada

Our company is engaged in international container transportation by sea from Canada. We transport consumer goods (FMCG), hazardous, heavy, oversized (large size) and project cargo. Container transport of goods from Canada is carried in the DV, DC, GP, OT, FR, HC, HT, RC, and TC types of containers.

By the end of the container transportation from Canada to St. Petersburg the cargo is sent to the recipient in the international shipping container or handled on trucks of a Russian carrier or cargo owner. In the first case, our company will also organize a return of the empty container to the port after the delivery of goods to the consignee.

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