Consolidated cargo delivery from Belgium to Russia

Canavara Group renders services in the organization of cargo delivery from Belgium to Russia on a "turnkey" basis with customs clearance at the posts of Baltic, St. Petersburg and Pulkovo customs. Shipments from Belgium are sent by sea, road, rail, air and ferry (through the port of Lübeck, Germany). The transit time of delivery from Belgium is from 4 to 12 days, the average transportation time is 9 - 12 days (with one driver), by sea - up to 6 - 9 days, and by air - up to 7 days (including initial and final operations to prepare the goods for shipment).

Canavara Group will perform the delivery of the following goods from Belgium:

  • chemical products, including dangerous goods;
  • video and sound recording and reproducing equipment;
  • machinery, industrial, medical, commercial and other types of equipment;
  • parts and components for trucks and passenger vehicles;
  • ferrous and nonferrous metals, plastics and rubber;
  • measuring and optical instruments, electric and hand tools;
  • plant and animal products.

Our company specializes in the transportation of general and consolidated cargo. Delivery of consolidated cargoes from Belgium is performed under our contract or customer’s contract. The total time of consolidated delivery from Belgium is 3 - 7 days longer than general cargo delivery (because there is a need to consolidate before shipping). Consolidation is carried out in the warehouses of our partners in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Germany. It is possible to send consolidated shipments from Belgium and neighboring countries.

Consolidated cargo from Belgium is delivered in multifunctional containers (GP, DV and DC types), curtain-siders, trucks, and trains. Canavara Group will provide transport and containers for transportation of consolidated cargo from Belgium to Russia within 72 hours after shipment request is received. Containers are sent to the Russian Federation generally in curtain-siders, and in some cases (since the cost of rent is high) on container platforms.

Delivery of goods from Belgium to St. Petersburg

Our company regularly delivers cargo from Belgium to St. Petersburg by road, rail, sea, and ferries. Sea and feeder lines, which are used for transportation from Belgium to St. Petersburg, are CSCL, OOCL, WANHAI, MSC, PIL, EVER GREEN, MAERSK, CMA, ZIM, etc. Cargo is shipped from Antwerp and Zeebrugge.

Canavara Group performs transit sea transportation of goods coming from South-East and East Asia, North and South America and Western Europe from Belgium to Russia. Generally, international deliveries from Belgium by sea have multi-modal (mixed) nature, when arrived cargo is sent from St. Petersburg to the Russian regions by road or by rail.

Ferry transportation from Belgium to St. Petersburg is provided via Lübeck (Germany) because there is no direct ferry service between the ports of Belgium and Russia. Customs clearance of import from Belgium to St. Petersburg is carried out at the posts of Baltic Customs upon arrival by sea. If the delivery is carried out through the ports of Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia we use the customs post Pushkinsky.

Air delivery from Belgium to St. Petersburg is carried out from airports in Brussels, Liege, and Antwerp. The point of arrival is Pulkovo Airport (St. Petersburg), and Helsinki Airport followed by car import to Russia.

Finally, trucking from Belgium to Russia is carried out by our company with the transport of Russian and Belgian carriers (with opening of CMR, Carnet TIR, T-1, EX-1 / EX A and other transport, accompanying, transit and export documents in Belgium), or if in the presence of the relevant ECMT permits - by transport of carriers of third countries, as a rule, from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Belarus (in this case the documents are opened in Belgium or the country of registration of the carrier).

Some features of the transportation from Belgium

Total time of cargo handling in Belgian ports can reach 3 - 4 days from the moment of the container arrival. There is a regular ferry service between the British port of Hull and Belgium Zeebrugge. Therefore, a significant amount of traffic from Belgium is transit cargos.

There is a shortage of container platforms in the transportation direction of Russia, and delivery of specific goods, such as perishables, is often carried out in containers using transport of a consignee or a consignor (however, transportation by refrigerators from Belgium is often carried out in containers of EVERGREEN, MOL, APL, and MSC).

A special permit from the Ministry of Communications and Infrastructure is required (in the transit countries - from the relevant ministries of these countries) for international transportation of oversized or heavy cargo from Belgium by trucks. Goods are exported from Belgium by road in the direction of the Russian Federation across Eynatten, Montzen and St. Vith checkpoints.

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