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Delivery of cargoes

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Cargo transportation process

  • STAGE 1

    Receiving your cargo

  • STAGE 2

    Customs registration

  • STAGE 3

    Cargo delivery to Russia

  • STAGE 4

    Door-to-door shipping

Assistance in the purchase of goods, communication with suppliers of goods
Delivery of cargo from the supplier's factory to the consolidation warehouse
Additional services in a warehouse: marking, packing, the backing of cargo
Check during the shipment of goods: weight and quantity
Preparation of goods for delivery in Russia

Preparation of documents for customs registration
Obtaining permits if necessary
Payment of customs duties
Declaration submission
Release of goods in free circulation

Shipping to the consolidation warehouse of Canavara Group in Saint-Petersburg
Free storage of goods for customers of Canavara Group
Photo report
Complementary services: marking, packing, the backing of cargo
Delivery of cargo to any region of Russia in the shortest possible time

LTL delivery to Russia


Canavara Group organizes the international delivery of cargoes (starting from 10 kg) from Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, as well as customs registration in Russia.

The proposal for the international LTL delivery is interesting primarily to those foreign trade operators who buy goods abroad or supply their products in small batches for export. In this case, transportation of cargo as part of a modular container or machine (together with other supplies that are not large enough for a separate load) provides real advantages in comparison with separate delivery:

  • you will save time, reduce the period of turnover of funds, increase the accuracy of planning if there is no need to accumulate goods for a long time for the general lot;

  • you will save money because you will not spend it on transportation of air in the empty cargo space;

  • the certificate of the customs representative; the status of the authorized customs operator of FCS of the Russian Federation;

We accept various cargoes, except excise, for consolidated and small-scale transportation.

The "turnkey" LTL delivery

Сanavara Group Holding offers comprehensive solutions and competitive prices for the delivery of cargoes from around the world to Russia and in the opposite direction – when sending domestic goods for export. We perform consolidated cargo transportation from Europe, Asia, Africa, America – the range of basic services includes:

  • consolidation and safekeeping until the formation of the lot;

  • control of the weighing operation to specify cargo lot parameters;

  • handling operations;

  • execution of transport documents;

  • filling and submission of the pit e-form;

  • delivery to the customs registration point;

Also, our company is ready to take on the tasks of legalization of foreign cargo in Russia:

  • placement and storage of goods in the customs control area (CCA), on the territory of the warehouse of temporary storage (WTS);

  • the completion of customs formalities and freight declaration;

  • terminal forwarding and support of the consignment under customs control;

  • transportation of products from CCA and its transportation to the final destination.

Experts of Сanavara Group will organize the delivery of commercial cargo as part of a consolidated shipment upon shipment on any contractual terms. This means that you can count on additional assistance in the execution and handling of the shipment in the country of departure:

  • execution of customs documents;

  • proof of origin, composition, safety or hazard class, quality;

  • obtaining phytosanitary, veterinary, quarantine certificate;

  • crating, additional packaging, marking.

Delivery time

  • 16 days
    • Wd

      Deadline for delivery and submission of documents
    • Fri

      End of container loading
    • Fri

      Export customs registration
    • Sat

      Train departure from the terminal
    • Sun

  • 2 days
    • Mon

      Supply of GD
    • Tue

      Release of goods in free circulation
    • Wd

      Delivery of cargo

Consolidated cargo from Europe

Our company has more than 10 years of experience in organizing the consolidated transportation of goods from Europe by road and by the sea in containers.

Container cargo is delivered through Ust-Luga, Vyborg, St. Petersburg. Thanks to the support of partners in the International Logistics Association, we can organize the consolidation and formation of a container lot on the territory of any European state. The consolidation period does not exceed 7 days.

We offer convenient plans for consolidated trucking from EU countries:

  • consolidation in the company's own warehouses;

  • we provide services for the organization of the exporter and importer of goods (under our contract);

  • the weekly departure of vehicles – on Thursday and Friday;

  • our freight transport – flexible and loyal rates;

  • assistance in the preparation of any necessary documents;

  • door-to-door delivery time of cargo in Moscow, St. Petersburg (including "customs registration") – 5 days;

  • customs registration without inspection – same-day;

  • inspection per day;

  • preparation and submission of Declaration for multi-goods delivery (more than 100-500 items) "just-in-time" (without preliminary preparation, upon arrival of cargo) – 2-3 days (including verification of documents and necessary certification in its absence);

  • we will help to solve almost any customs issues.

Consolidated deliveries from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa

We will organize container transportation of consolidated cargoes, including temperature and dangerous goods, from China, South Korea, India, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Bangladesh, Singapore, Vietnam. In particular, we use our opportunities to optimize logistics and customs registration:

  • transit through the port of Vladivostok, then to the desired post by the railway;

  • by sea to St. Petersburg or Ust-Luga;

  • with the transshipment of container consignments at transit bases in Lithuania and Finland.

We provide a short time of consolidation, assist in the preparation and execution of documents.

We deliver cargoes from Turkey, Egypt, Israel, UAE.

We solve the problem of expedited delivery to Russia by air of small commercial lots (from 10 kg) from any country in the world.

Customs registration

In the Russian Federation, we perform faster, more smooth and predictable (no unexpected adjustments and inspections) customs registration of:

  • fabrics and textiles;

  • clothes, shoes;

  • bearings;

  • spare parts, components and accessories for wheeled vehicles;

  • tires and rims;

  • cosmetics and perfumery;

  • medications;

  • cut flowers, live plants and planting material;

  • finishing materials;

  • paints and varnishes.

We work (permanent missions and mobile groups) in the areas of customs activity:

  • St. Petersburg (including e-declaration center);

  • Baltic;

  • Pulkovo;

  • Kingisepp;

  • Smolensk;

  • Vyborg;

  • Tver;

  • Moscow Customs Operations Centre.

You can get a free consultation, calculation of the cost of delivery of cargo by combined transport, as well as its customs registration through the feedback form on the page.

Electronic Declaration Centers (EDC)

  • Baltic EDC
  • Vladivostok EDC
  • Novorossiysk EDC
  • St. Petersburg EDC
  • Tver EDC

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